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We follow current guidelines and requirements for health and safety. We can run many of our tours with some adjustments. Luckily, outdoor walking tours have a lot more flexibility in continuing to operate when indoor businesses have limitations. For craft beverage and food options, we find safe venues operating at the time of the tour. If you have more questions, please Contact Us

Currently, all our public tours are walking only. If you’d like a private tour, we can ride in your vehicle as a guide, or rent a vehicle to accommodate the size of your group.

We run tours in all seasons, which are fun in about any weather (winter snow can make the city look even more magical). Dress appropriately. Unsafe weather, which can include lightning or extreme ice conditions during the time of the tour, will likely result in cancellation (we’ve found we are very lucky that storms often clear when we’re about to start a tour).

Our walking tours may step briefly into various buildings to offer more depth to the information. We follow all health requirements, which at times allow for outdoor only tours.

Our tours are designed or easily adaptable for wheels, whether a wheelchair, scooter or stroller. We want all of our tours to be accessible and enjoyable for all! We are the first tour company in the U.S. to be endorsed by Accessible Travel Online. The first service company to partner with AbleVu had a lot of fun with our City Tour/ArtPrize Tour with a group of special needs adults! Their tour was more tactile and visual. They had a blast! Please contact us with any questions or special needs for you or your group!

Researching a new subject is lots of fun for us! By request, we’ve given tours on urban renewal, urban planning, military history, Asian history, how Grand Rapids bounced back economically, and lots of others. We like a challenge! Please contact us with your ideas or any questions.

No. We are NOT partnered, affiliated with, or associated in any way with U.S. Ghost Adventures. Tours Around Michigan is proud to have deep, meaningful business and personal connections here, and we continually research new stories. From what we’ve seen on their website Grand Rapids Ghost Tour section, it includes inaccurate information about hauntings, the photos used as examples in the Grand Rapids section of their website are not from Grand Rapids, and we do not recognize the photos from Michigan locations. We’ve received phone calls from confused ghost tour ticket buyers and people blown off by the company, thinking it was our company. It is not. We are not affiliated with US Ghost Adventures or their operators in any way. If you have any questions about a refund, miscommunication, or confusing information, please reach out to them directly.

If you’d like a tour experience with people who have roots in West Michigan back to the 1840s, please take a look at our public tours  and private tours to see what you’d like to enjoy first!

We LOVE to create new customized experiences that are just right for your private group! Want a ghost tour with beer stops, or an art tour with wine tastings stops? Yes, please! We’d love to make your group feel extra special.

For walking only tours, children under age 5 are free to join. Children ages 6 and older are the standard ticket price (and in our experience have just as much fun)! If you’d like your minor child to join a tour that involves alcohol tastings, we can offer non-alcoholic drinks for them at a lower ticket cost, contact us for more information.

We can arrange for you to go into a historic home during a private tour or Step-On-Guide tour. Options include an 1860s Victorian, the most authentic work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and other options, depending on the size of the group. Arrangements to visit must be made ahead of time, so please let us know if that interests you.

Our ghost tours are fun, and guests as young as six years old have enjoyed them. But, they can be a little spooky, so let us know if you’d like us to avoid aiming our scariest stories toward you.

While it’s essentially unheard of to have a spirit encounter on a ghost tour, we have had them. Don’t expect them, but it’s always a possibility!

Pets are welcome for outdoor portions of walking tours, but not inside any included buildings. Your pet must be controlled with a leash or carrier, able to stay quiet during the tour and comfortable around downtown activity, including horses. Please also distance from others on the tour. Please let us know if you’d like your pet to come. We allow one pet total per tour group.

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