Ghost Tour

Ghost Tour

Stroll the streets to learn of souls that still wander buildings where they met their untimely demise. This tour is ghoulishly gratifying with unnerving stories of those who have passed. Learn about the young woman brutally murdered in her downtown office, the spirit of an elderly man who is known to interact with the living, or even a janitor that is still trying to clean up in the afterlife.

Embark on a unique tour where you may just glimpse a smiling apparition, or feel the presence of an otherworldly being, but we can ensure you will learn something new about the past and hear a handful of spine-chilling stories unique to Grand Rapids.

  • This one of a kind walking tour takes about two hours so be sure to bring your sneakers and water.
  • Your Certified Tourism Ambassador Tour Guide will lead you around the city, providing you mortals with peculiar stories and the paranormal events that go along with them.
  • We want your group to get the most out of your experience so we encourage you to participate and ask questions.

Experience Grand Rapids and enjoy the stories of a time often forgotten. Let us be part of your next paranormal encounter and get ready to feel the urge to look over your shoulder on this one of a kind adventure.

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